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Happy 60th Birthday Prince

Tarot of the Absurd


xxxxxx SxQ

Shadow & Quintessential Card

Shadow Card

The Tower

The Tower speaks of turbulent times and a need for a cleansing or correction. It’s time to build a new foundation.

Quintessential Card

The Empress

The Empress is a nurturer.

The Reading

1. 8 of Cups

I hear, “Leaving Bear-assed with nothing but a cup of dreams to follow.”

This card is about reaching for a dream or ideal, creating something better.

2. 4 of Coins

With the 4 of Coins I hear the O Jay’s singing Money money money money, Money! *dances*

The O’Jays – For the Love of Money

This card is about possessiveness, jealousy, lack of trust and the inability to share.

3. 2 of Sticks

I hear, “Tangled

This 2 speaks of exciting times and invigorating energy.


With all messages from Prince there is an undercurrent of love.

He begins with something like…

“boys and girls, brothers and sisters, look what we’ve become.”

The Lovers are tangled up in the love of money. It is that misplaced love that has shaken our foundation to the core. It has destroyed our homes and our relationships. It caused jealousy and distrust among neighbors. It’s caused us to abandon our roots.

We need to nurture the energy of transformation. We need to rediscover our personal values, and the value of our relationships, not only with our neighbors but with the earth that sustains us. We need to disentangle ourselves from the superficial aspects of life and get back in tune with the vibration of love.

Crystal Ball

Prince is showing us to not be weighed down by conformity. Those in leadership rolls don’t always have our best interests at heart. We need to see with our hearts and eyes open and live our authentic truth. No compromise, and no regrets.

I hear,

“Injecting life back into the earth.”

Here Prince shows that our earth is sick. We are stewards of our world. We need to be responsible. We need to nurture and protect. It is our responsibility to return it to its original rich fertile state. It’s what right for the earth and it’s what’s right for earth’s inhabitants.