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Princess Di’s Thoughts on the Wedding of Harry and Meghan


The Spiral Tarot


xxJxx SxQ

Shadow and Quintessential Cards

Shadow and Quintessential Cards reflect that which is hidden. They are the undercurrent from which the reading flows.

The Quintessential Card

XVIII The Moon

Goddess Demeter holds the seed of new life. Creative forces are at work here. The Moon advises us to listen to our dreams and to pay attention to our psychic experiences.

The Shadow Card

IX of Cups

The feeling of being on Cloud 9. Physically and emotionally content with the world.

The Jumper

V of Pentacles

This card is about shared gifts of love. Giving and receiving no strings attached.


1. V of Cups

Nostalgia. Two people looking back on the past, reliving childhood memories. I hear,

She’s with you today”

2. Page of Wands

Something new is sprouting here. A new branch of the family tree. I

3. VII of Cups

Crossroads. This card feels like walking through fog or through a mist. The choice has been made, but try as she might she can’t see clearly today. I hear,

“She can’t truly know what she’s gotten herself into”



Princess Di shows the pride of a mother as Prince Harry and Meghan honor her memory in numerous ways during this special time in their live. The nostalgia is deep as Harry’s heart and thoughts go out to his mother.

Di’s reaction is not as strong as it had been during the wedding of Prince William her first born son. During William’s wedding and for the birth of Prince Williams first 2 children Di’s presents was very strong and her image clear. There were a few other times when she showed pleasure with what William and Kate were doing.

For Prince Harry’s wedding she was indeed wispy like seeing an image through fog or mist. Perhaps it wasn’t that she was faint. Perhaps she was so overwhelmed with emotion that she was misting up. Whatever the reason, she was like this for 2 days. The day before the wedding and the wedding day.

I feel like Di feels Harry and Meghan would benefit from the advice of a spiritual advisor. Someone who could help interpret dreams and helped them to sidestep possible pitfalls in the future. I believe the palace used to have an Astrologer, maybe that is who Di is referring to.

And though the young couple are clearly in love, Di recognizes the naiveté in Meghan that was present in herself all of those years ago, as she walked down the aisle on display for the whole world to see.

She says,

“Meghan can’t truly know what she’s gotten herself into.”

In the Page of Wands Princess Di is showing a new branch of the family tree, specifically “sprouting” new growth and with The Moon she’s showing the “seed of new life”. I wonder if if she’s trying to show that the newest royal couple will be expecting soon?

*fingers crossed*

My Crystal I will post the crystal followed by what I see in the image, then I’ll follow that with what I see drawn in. Hopefully you will see what I see.


I see the Prince looking at his beautiful bride. I’m not sure he realizes that there’s a man with a raised sword behind his back. Does this feel like actual physical danger for the Prince or is this betrayal. A backstabber.


Here I see a fire breathing dragon destroying a house. With this I hear,

“The fall of Windsor”

That’s a joke, right? I believe she’s saying that Harry marrying outside of royal bloodlines is not going to be the end of the world. <insert unsure face emoji here>


Well, if there is danger, there is also a rescue. I see a man riding in on a horse.

*fingers crossed*

Thank you Di. I look forward to sharing many more joyous family events this way.