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Prince’s Message for Mayte


Tarot of the Absurd


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The Quintessential and Shadow cards

The Quintessential and Shadow cards reflect that which is hidden. They are the current from which the reading flows.

The Quintessential Card

5 The Hierophant

The Hierophant asks,

Who was your teacher, and what did you learn?

The advises that you hold onto what you believe in, as the Minotaur holds onto his Nymph.

The Shadow Card

7 of Cups

Choices and fantasies.

The 7oC asks,

Do you see him in your dreams? He’s your good luck dragon. Not that you need it, you have made good progress. Remain focused, and refuse to be drawn off.

The Reading

1. The King of Cups – Prince

Prince is your husband, your counselor. Give your worries to him. This card also shows that he finds creative ways to show you he’s near.

2. The Queen of Coins – Mayte

You’re resourceful. Prince loves that about you. With this queen he also says that he always knew you’d be a wonderful mom.

3. 7 of Blades

He feels that his vision of his life, marriage, and family was stolen from him. He takes the blame as he wasn’t mindful at the time. He says that he suffered much guilt over what was done, and the events that occurred.


As I ready my desk and prepare for this reading Prince pops in. At that moment I hear a line from a Lionel Richie song…

“Hello, Is it me your looking for” 😂😂

He’s so funny!

I mean, I knew he would come, but so nice of him to show up before a single candle had been lit or card had been drawn!

That goes to show how important you are to him.

He wants you to know that he’s always with you.

He tells me in a boyish manner,

“I’m always around somewhere”

Whether that be in your dreams, that little voice in your head, or the warmth in your heart when you think of him.

He is now and always will be there for you.

He is so proud of the woman you’ve become, and how you’re managing your business and personal life. He feels that the time spent with him helped prepare you for this jump in your evolution. He says, “Stay focused and surround yourself with the best team possible.”

He love, love, loves watching you be a mom. 💜

He says that he thought he would be with you forever.

He tried to control things that couldn’t be controlled. He’s sorry for that, and for the damage it did to your lives.

You were then and always will be his wife as he shows in my crystal ball.

The first image will be the crystal ball followed by what I see in it. See if you can see the same.


In the lower right I see you and Prince, your hands joined. In the center I see a velvet ring stand with an engagement ring on it. Above that there is an angel blessing this union. (see image below)


At the top center I see a little girl holding what looks like an orb, angel, or maybe a fairy. Prince probably plays with her this way. (see image below)

I hope you enjoyed your reading Mayte as much as I enjoyed reading for you. 💜