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December 1998 

What Was Prince’s Mental State Around The Time Of The Annulment

Pearl’s of Wisdom 1st Ed

3 card spread 


xxxxxx JxQ 

Jumper – Ace of Swords – Mental Energy 

Confusion/Excessive Emotional Turmoil.

A battle within himself. 

Quintessential Card 

10 The Wheel of Fortune 

This card is given strength or emphasis because it also shows up in the spread. 

The Spread 1x2x3 

1.  8 of Cups

Abandoning previous plans and seeking a new direction. 

2.  10 The Wheel of Fortune 

His cup runneth over with love. 

The Wheel has turned. That phase has passed. It’s time now to seek a higher purpose. 

3.  The Hermit 

The call of solitude. 

He is at a place of self-reflection, trying to re-discover what was lost. He’s getting advice from many sources… Spiritual Path… 

He needs to break away, to be on his own. 

My Crystal Ball 

Here I see Prince walking with a child. He’s pointing ahead. I hear, “Trainwreck” and see Mayte. But upon further inspection I see that Mayte has put up a barrier. Nothing or no one can get through. 

Here is Prince with his head turned as if listening to the larger darker man behind him. 

This looks very much like The Tower card to me. His castle, this world he had created is under attack, he’s running trying to put impending disaster behind him. Watching on from the mist is the eye of the beast. This is likely where drugs began to numb the emotional pain as well as the physical. 

I see his face as he sings into his mic, his face is half black/half white. With this I hear 2 faced man, and in the background there is a woman who is not Mayte. 

What I get from all of this is that he was being torn apart. Mayte put up a wall that he couldn’t break through. He says, she was a “Trainwreck”. She hurled hurtful words at him,  accusations. This world that he dreamed of having, the children, the family was crumbling. His solitude, his happy spot was in the studio. He had to keep moving forward. If she wouldn’t allow him to take care of her, he would retreat and focus on his empire. 

Only problem with that is that they were separated by an ocean of deep dark emotion and back at home there were those who were encouraging him to put this behind him any way that he could. 

I don’t know, this doesn’t feel finished. So much to this story. I didn’t even begin to crack the spiritual avenue. Just so much for him to deal with here.