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The Cover 07.2016

Had another encounter with Prince while shopping.

I was going down the magazines isle, at the end of the rack was a Prince cover. As I near it, he literally popped out at me. He looking into my eyes as he tipped his hat. It had the feeling of a greeting or acknowledgement. Such a strange feeling, like the image pulled off the pg and became 3D right before your eyes.

Unnerved, I concluded my shopping and headed to checkout.


I scanned all of the covers as I wait in line and got nothing from any of them. I kinda want to go back and see if it would happen again.

I don’t think I can adequately describe the feeling I got from that image. It was similar to turning a corner to find someone standing right there in front of you. Startled Surprise!!

After the incident I went home and Googled the image.

My search was Prince magazine covers. I was looking for what I remembered seeing in the store. Prince dressed in all white and wearing a white hat. His eyes held the only color in the image.

They were a stunning shade of fawn (light golden brown).

The image as I remembered it was black and white with the exception of his eyes. I don’t know why I found that so unnerving.


I couldn’t find the image in Google search. I dug deep and found something I thought was similar.

I remember looking at it for a very long time.

I went back to the store a few days later to find the magazine right where I remember it. The cover shot was indeed black and white, but Prince was dressed almost exclusively in black, not white as I had remembered. And there was no color in the image at all.

So how is it I recalled the color of his eyes so clearly?

I brought the mag home and put it on my desk. I kept feeling the call to open it. I did that later when the house was quiet. I looked through every page, at every image (quickly). I didn’t read the accounts, or the memories. I was uncomfortable just leafing through it.

Don’t know why that sticks with me, (what happened in the store, the reverse image and those eyes) or what the associated feelings were about. Perhaps another reading is in order…


I tend to have these mini conversation with him (Prince). Conversations where he just randomly comments on my thoughts…

Yesterday I was thinking about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, you know that internal conversation…

I’m almost __ yrs old and I’ve yet to find my purpose. My direction.

He pops in and says,

Just don’t do what I did.”

in a teasing manner?? (later he will show me a completely different meaning for this phase)

Funny thing to be joking about, right?!?

Back to the reading

King of Kings

It has many meanings/synchronicities.

It works well for him.
He thought of himself as the Messiah, the second coming, the literal King of Kings.

I was looking at this card when a snippet from an interview came on. In it Prince was referred to at the King of Music for our generation.


It was a love story.

Two weeks ago, that would have been the last week of July, I was feeling sad. I was thinking that I would never hear his voice again. At that moment he popped in over my left shoulder wearing a white turbin. He said

I’m right here.”

That makes me smile. It’s nice to know he’s still around

08.02.2016 Odd things are odd (not Prince related) .

08.07.2016 Too much information online

I’ve been a little disturbed by some of the things I’ve been reading. This is not the man I know. He scolds me,

You don’t need to know everydamnthing!”

or everything is not meant for me to know?? Those things don’t apply to me or my relationship with the spirit.


For the first time since this began my thoughts have gone to baby boy Gregory (Amiir) . As I drift off to sleep ask Prince if he would show me his children. I woke around 7:30am and decided to snooze a few minutes longer. I woke with the memory of Prince and his son. He looked to be the size of a 5-7 year old, though I felt he might be a little older. It looked like they were standing in fog. I knew who they were even though I couldn’t get a clear look. There was a smaller fainter spirit peeking out from behind Prince’s legs. It didn’t have a clear form but I knew it was there. A girl, he called her Ella. Funny, her name was more clear than her image. I’m glad he is with his babies. I glad too that he shared them with me. Thank you Prince!! ❤

People on one of the social networks insist there is a conspiracy. 😦 I offered a couple of questions via pendulum.

The questions…

1. Were there cameras recording in the elevator that night? No

2. Did he trust his chef in the few months preceeding his death? Yes

I then plead with them again to keep the posts positive, to post more beautiful images. To honor him and advance his legacy. I’m not sure they will do it, but fingers crossed.


I’m slow getting up today, let the dogs out and lay down for a few more minutes and check my phone. I pop into a social network for a few minutes. ❤

As I rise I hear him. He say,

giiiiirl!! What did I tell you!”

Oops! I don’t need to know every.damn.thing. Got it!


I’ve been having anxiety about the upcoming paisley park tours. I see a pic with the story attached and think to myself, I’m not ready. My next thought is of Prince, I see him and as I do, and ask if he’s ready for this . He chuckles and says



After posting 07.07.16 Using my pendulum, I asked if he was happy with post.

He replies, Yes

I asked if that was because it helps keep the True Prince alive.

He replies, Yes

I asked if he was happy with the post because I was writing.

He replies,



In the moments before I was truly awake he was joking about how he hijacks my readings. He was showing an old hijacked emoji

like one I used to use and was laughing. Too Funny!!


I have been a mess over my shares in the forum and the judgment of others. I feel so conflicted, but Prince urges me on. He shows me himself in the early yrs. I hear

No Risk No Reward or The Greater The Risk The Greater The Reward“.

I feel like he’s saying that if I keep putting the message out there the right ppl will see.


So many things have come to light lately. In an earlier reading he told me,

Just don’t do what I did.

at the time I thought he was talking about the pills, but it wasn’t. He was talking about getting stuck between world’s.

Today he gave me shade for not listening to my intuition when asked about April 21, 1996.

👁️ would die 4U

4+U the 21st letter of the alphabet

4.21 the day he passed.

Was it a prophesy? Maybe.


There was a post 2 days ago, it showed Prince and Sheila E. preforming. I soooo wanted to say something, but I held my tongue.

Now he’s showing me Sheila and says,

I don’t like her

He gives the feeling that she has very masculine energy. It’s almost like dressing sexy is a false front. Is that why he didn’t married her?

He gives the impression that she is passive aggressive in her dealings with the press. She’s trying to garner sympathy and increase sales. He says,

she’s going to lie about him and about their relationship”

He’s not happy at all with this false friend.



I had the oddest dream last night
It kinda relates to the reading in which I asked Prince if he was trying to take M’s(so) place in my life.

11.21.2016 Weird dream… Seeing through Prince’s eyes

I was watching a movie, it was a sequel though I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

When the movie ended I knew I had to get busy. I needed to write the score/the music for this film.

I don’t think I was really fully aware that I was watching through his eyes until I had to begin to write. lol I was like,

ummm… NO!

This reminds me of what he showed during the autopsy. I wonder…

2017 Are You Talking About Me Again?”

It’s been awhile since Prince has been a regular in my daily life. It’s nice to know that he’s still listening in.


I know that I should do a reading. It’s been a year since his passing. I should give him a voice.

He shows himself again in the white suit and hat that I saw him in when he pulled himself off of the magazine cover in the store last year.

I just don’t get the feeling that a reading is necessary at this time….