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All Tarot Decks $50.00 (CAN) and Lower Buy 1 get the 2nd of equal of lower price HALF OFF!!


All decks must Go!!  That’s great news for those looking for great decks at low prices. These are high quality decks from a smoke free incense free home.  

Decks include … 

Afro-Brazillian Tarot  25-

Ancient Italian Tarot  20-

Beginners Guide to Tarot  25 – 

Bosch Tarot  35-

Deva Tarot  50-

Dragons Tarot  25 – 

Egyptian Tarot  30-

Girlfriend’s Tarot mini  15-

Golden Tarot of Klimt  40-

Golden Tarot of the Renaissance  35- 

Golden Tarot of the Tsar  35-

Gummy Bear Tarot  25-

Hobbit Tarot  20-

Housewives Tarot  35-

Joie de Vivre Tarot 30-

Liber T  Tarot of Stars Eternal  40-

Lord of the Rings Tarot  30-

Mary-El Tarot  50-

Mayan Tarot  25-

Michelangelo Tarot  30 – 

Osho Zen Tarot  40-

Parrot Tarot  25-


Giant  30-

Original  25-

Radiant  20

Robin Wood Tarot 30-

Sacred Sites Tarot  50-

Tarot de Marseille  35-

Tarot Favole  25-

Tarot of the Magical Forest  20-

Tarot Sutra  35-

The Tarot Set  20- 

Vanessa Tarot  30-

Vikings Tarot  30-

Voyager Tarot  35-

And many more… 

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100’s of Tarot Decks For Sale

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Please use a currency converter to calculate prices for your country. 

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*Shipping is not included in deck price. 

**Stones are esthetic purposes only. They are not for sale

***Some images shown are examples  not the actual deck you will receive. Please ask for images of specific decks of interest. 


Thank You For Looking!! 

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100’s of Tarot Decks For Sale 

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