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07.07.16; 7’s Where will they lead me next? 

Reprogramming Subconscious Spread Beautiful Creatures Tarot





I tried reading the spread and it made no sense at all. There was no cohesiveness, it wasn’t relatable. So I imaged it and left it on my desk to come back to later.

I went to sleep and dreamt of Prince all night. He was telling me over and over,  “Don’t do what I did.  Don’t make the same mistake that I made.” I recall thinking, why is he telling me this. I would never. But then again maybe I would if I suffered the way that he did.  I’m sure that wasn’t part of his life plan either.  😦

Then I heard him say,  “25 minutes ago”. I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock it was 3:10am, so 25 minutes ago would have been around 2:45am. Was that the time that it happened? I’m not sure if that question will ever be answered. I fall back asleep. Prince continues to warn me for the rest of the night.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it before!  When I returned to the spread I saw it in a completely different light. The first thing that struck me was  the first card. The girl peeking out from her garden of poppies. I love poppies. Poppies are the source of Opiates! 

This reading is about Prince not me!  Then I noticed the first row of cards. All Fire,  the middle row all Air, the bottom row all Majors. It was meant to be read like this…




This tells a story of someone who loved the poppies to much.

The Fire Nymph can light up the darkest night, it’s radiant and full of energy but also has the capability of extinguishing your dreams. It shows a lust for life as well as a competitive nature.

7 of Fires is prepared to fight an epic battle. They are brave and standing firm despite the fear of getting burned. The princess stands bravely in the middle facing the challenge. She knows that she’s the only one who can defend herself and win. 

2 of Airs speak of confusion. Judgment is clouded, denying the truth that is staring you in the face.  The inability to rationalize,  or compartmentalized.  Thinking that one could hide or protect one aspect of their life from others. 

3 of Airs is suffering unbearable pain,  she is broken from the inside out. Why couldn’t she learn from her mistakes. Her heart is broken, her confidence low she has sabotaged herself. This card also signifies the end of an ailment (addiction??).

1 of Airs depicts a young maiden sitting in the forest. She has lost her ability to think, she has lost her ability to imagine. She doesn’t like where she is, she’s lost and alone. This card shows the possibility to re-evaluate. To regain confidence and mental clarity.  Like all 1’s the opportunity must be grasped when it’s offered as it may not come again. 

18 The Moon uncovers the harsh truth. You know that it’s coming,  you know that it’s bad, you don’t want to hear it but you have no choice. The moon uncovers what you’re hiding, that leads to confusion. 

11 The Equilibrium, for every action there is a fair consequence. Now we must accept that this is what it is. It is time to learn a new way to co-exist. 

2 The Priestess I am giving this card to myself as an advice card. It speak of the common theme of my readings it says,

‘The unknown is not revealed to you just yet. But what I know, I know because I know. You see,  I didn’t have to know because I already know. ‘

That about sums it up. 

Crystal Ball

The horse symbolizes death. 😐

Unfortunately with that Prince has gone silent for the rest of today. I have built 5 stations around him and none would play a single Prince song. Usually the tribute station plays nothing but. Not today. Exposing this truth makes him sad. This is not what he wanted his life to be. This is not how he wanted to be remembered. 

My reading was hijacked by Prince. lol That wasn’t at all what I had expected.

I know now that the answer of the reoccurring 7’s lies within me,  that it’s been there the whole time. (very Wizard of Oz. I wonder if he liked that movie as much as I do) And my subconscious is just fine as is.

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