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#Prince – The “Let’s Make A Deal” Moment

Quantum Tarot 2.0

With no question in mind and a lovely new deck in hand I focus on the subject and let the cards take me. wp-1470269943625.jpeg1x2x3

  1. The Let’s Make A Deal Moment wp-1470269993474.jpeg

He stands before 3 beams of light, 3 doors or choices if you will.

The Devil you know

The Devil you don’t know

Releasing the decision to The Divine.

  1. The choice is made wp-1470270016000.jpeg

The door opens and the spirit ascends upward toward the light.

  1. The essence, the heart and mind open and meld with the Universal Consciousness wp-1470270043068.jpeg

He’s showing the he exited this life the same way that he lived, in complete and abiding faith. He placed his life in the hands of the Divine.

I’m so not up on my TV shows. I wanted to call what I was seeing The Price is Right (quick google search of images). That wasn’t right or maybe in a sense it was, however the image that he’s showing me is Let’s Make a Deal. I hear him shouting, “Number 2! Take door number 2!” over and over. He’s really quite animated, sitting at the edge of his seat arm out stretched waving two fingers high in the air. He’s really getting into it. lol

In the reading door #2  would have been rehab – The devil you don’t know. Door #1 the addiction – The devil you know, and door #3 releasing the decision to The Divine.

He’s saying that he wanted rehab, he wished he had chosen door #2, he was ready for it. Uuugh  Is this regret? If so this is something he’s only shown once since in post #Prince (continued).

**This reading had a hard time coming to fruition. It was the second reading sequentially between Conversations With Prince From Beyond The Veil and #Prince (continued). The cards were pulled in early May 2016, but the images and were too raw, so much so that even now I find it difficult to do them justice.

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