I receive in many ways. When a message comes in images I first need to process what I see, then allow myself to feel from the prospective of the sender as events unfold. It can take awhile to have that “Ah HA!” moment as the events play on continuous rewind in my mind.


He came to me this morning as am getting read for my day. He’s floating above his body as the medical examiner work on him. I hear him say, “Push the pin, why don’t they push the pin?” (give an injection, I’m guessing). He doesn’t understand at first. I get the feeling that he believes that the events of the past few days have been part of a dream or hallucination. He zooms in on his upper torso, upper chest, neck, head. I have a little trouble figuring out what I’m seeing. There two people, one at the top of his head, the other to the right. They are doing something to his face. I’m thinking to myself, why do his eyes look so weird.  His left eye is three quarters of the way closed, just a sliver of white exposed. The right was open so fully the entire eyeball was exposed. Why? This is disturbing/distressing and saddening to Prince too. It feels like this is the moment he realizes that there wasn’t going to be a magic pill to wake him from this dream. Not this time. He pulls back. I feel a great shock and sadness. I had no idea that he hadn’t accepted his passing, all of this time he thought this was a dream.

I believe that what I was being shown was organ harvesting for transplants. I can’t help but think of the impact on the recipient, what it will be like to see the world through Prince’s eyes. It’s sad and glorious at the same time. What an amazing gift.

To be honest, I wanted to distance myself from that image. I felt much the same as when Diana showed me her car accident. It’s hard to disconnect from the image without pulling away from the person showing it. I can only hope that I didn’t loose him.

It’s been several days, and still the anger and sadness cling to me. My nerves raw, I’ve tried to avoid situations in which I might snap lol like the entire Internet, people in general. I  don’t recall how many days it had been since the autopsy when he shared these images. It obviously took him several days to process as well. I wonder what he did during those days, and what adventures he’ll be off on next. 

Reflecting on the way Prince made me feel as I fell asleep, “spinning while falling” , and how I felt when I woke, “like being woken from the dead”. I’m Convinced me more than ever that his death was drug related. Do I believe Prince was an addict? Not really, not an intentional addict anyway. I believe he suffered from chronic pain. The meds that take the edge off are strong and addictive, they grab hold and before you know it….

As to the question of the Will, he obviously had a legal team so he must have been advised. He had also been in the hospital, in my state they ask patients if they have a Will, Medical, and Legal PoA. It’s not likely that no one ever brought it up. Could it be that there’s no Will because money ceased to have meaning to him, all that mattered was that which connected him to the divine. His music , writing, creating, preforming/sharing/bringing joy. Is that what he meant when he told me, “We live two completely different experiences”? It’s the truth. I believe there was an attitude of ,”you can figure it out when I’m gone. I can’t give that any of my time or attention now.” I will attempt to get an answer to this question if or when he returns. ( I have yet to ask, so no idea at this writing 05.04.16 )

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