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Prince Rogers Nelson

(June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)


“Leave it to Prince to leave while there’s a full moon And a meteor shower. It’s as if he grabbed the tail of a passing star and took it for a ride.” sk

I should begin by saying that I’m a Medium, really more of a Tarot Reader with a Twist. I’m no, Theresa Caputo, John Edwards, or Tyler Henry by any means. I don’t wake to a zombie apocalypse with spirits hovering around every doorway. I connect with the deceased through tarot, scrying (crystal ball), and meditation. During these sessions one or more of the “clair’s” may come into play. Clairvoyance – seeing (being shown an image), Clairaudience – hearing (words or sounds), Clairsentience – feeling (feeling the emotions or physical sensations), Clairsalience, smell (it can be anything really from smoke, perfume, flowers, food, and the like), Clairaction, touch (feeling any type of physical touch), Claireloquence, communication (asking a question and hearing the answer). On occasion I have special spirit guests pop in. Some are notable, but most often it’s a friend or family member. This week I was fortunate enough to be visited by Prince.

Thinking back on it now, the connection was probably made in the early morning hours of April 22, 2016. Being a bit of a night owl by nature it’s not unusual for me to be crawling into bed somewhere between 2 and 3 a.m.. That night I was beyond tired. I went to bed around 1 a.m. and immediately felt like I was being sucked down a rabbit hole. It was a feeling of spinning while falling, this is not at all normal.

Day One

This was not a work day so no alarm was set, I just relied on my body clock to wake me at the usual 8-8:30 a.m. I didn’t wake at 8 a.m. though. I woke with a start shortly after 10a.m.. My first thought was, “I slept like the dead!” I check my phone while stumbling around trying to clear the brain fog, and one of the first thing I read is Prince had been pronounced dead, WTF’ingH!?!
I couldn’t really comprehend what I was reading. I began my workout slowly pacing between sets as the news sinks in. My thought then wandered to my favorite Prince songs from back in the day. With that I switch stations from my regular workout fare to the Prince channel, and sure enough the songs that had just been thinking of a second ago were the first 3 played. I thought about the synchronicity with a grin, then plunged into my workout.

A few minutes into my routine Prince appears looking very ethereal. When spirits pop in like this they often come portrait style, a large head and shoulders with a dark background. I take note of how well formed he is in his bright yellow/gold raw silk suit . My next thought in hindsight might have been a mistake. I asked him what it was like (dying)?

Prince didn’t speak during this encounter, instead he showed me myself with my best friend in Las Vegas. We were at a club that featured a Prince cover band. We find a spot a few rows from the dance floor, a table with a candle in the center. I took my crystal ball, and tarot cards out of my bag. Prince’s image appears in the of the crystal ball as begin turning cards one by and laying them face up one on top of the other, all the while my eyes never left the band. This scene fades, and Prince is back with me portrait style again. He fades back, a second later Prince is replaced by Princess Di. I’m always happy to see her. I giggle at the irony of Prince being greeted on the other side by the Princess. What a welcoming committee! I’m comforted knowing he has transitioned, and is in good company. I also wonder if they had met in life.

Princess Di fades back and I continued my workout. Near the end I began feeling really nauseous. I had to skip my cool down and sprint to the bathroom. I haven’t been sick like that in years! While cooling down I reflected on my visitors. I wondered if I might be able to connect with Prince via tarot or crystal ball since he had transitioned so well. I went into my office and set up the way I had been shown in the Las Vegas bar scene.

My crystal was very receptive showing a Tower that transitioned into Clock Hands at 10 o’clock, then into a Ship sailing on a sea of stars. Other images were a large Owl, and a small Owl, and a Lamb wearing a crown. My interpretation of these images…

Tower+10’oclock+Ship Sailing on a Sea of Stars.


The Tower speaks of a disaster, something bad happened at around 10 o’clock. Was that when Prince departed this earth to become part of the cosmic consciousness, sailing away (as I heard it) on a ship of souls.

The Large Owl tells me that he had knowledge. Was it of what would take his life, or was it of a larger underlying cause?

The Small Owl is showing that all it took was one small thing to tip the apple cart so to speak, to send his life in a new direction.

The Lamb Wearing a Crown could symbolize, The Lamb of God. Prince being welcomed into his idea of Heaven, or it might symbolize a quick turnaround.

This world needs him so I hope the latter is the case.

I then picked up the nearest tarot deck (Tarot of the Absurd as if I’m not ridiculous enough;) ) and began shuffling. During the shuffle one card jumps out. It’s the Queen of Cups (rx) This is a psychic card, a card that symbolizes knowing. It’s also a card that shows deep emotion.

I proceed as the vision showed turning the cards face up, one on top of the other until it was time for me to get ready for my day. Before stepping away from my desk I fanned the cards to see if there was an obvious message. The first 8 cards thrown were of the suit of Swords. Swords speak of swift action, and mental energy. This tells me that Prince didn’t linger. His departure was swift. But it also raises a question, I get the feeling that this may have been an electrical issue (brain/mental) electrolytes depleted(??), an inability of the brain to connect or send messages to the body in order to function.


Together The Queen of Cup(rx) and the 8 Swords show that Prince was aware of what was happening, or going to happen. It was an emotional decision but the only one possible and he knew it. Ultimately the end came quickly as did his transition.

I left the cards as they were with a stone, (Petrosite) on top of the Queen of Cups to ponder later.


That night I fell down the rabbit hole again…

Day Two.

I slept like the dead, waking disoriented, but not as late as the day before. I set the radio to the Prince station again, and completed a seemingly uneventful workout, until the end when nausea struck again. Uugh I sprinted to the bathroom. When the nausea subsided I said out loud, “Soooo Not funny!”. With that Prince appeared looking relaxed, refreshed even, as he lounged on a very nice oversized, but not quite kingly throne. He chuckled and said, “Well, you asked”. I knew at once that he was showing me what he had gone through prior to his departure. I’m glad that he has retained his a sense of humor about the whole thing. I asked about a rumor I had heard, he said, “Yeah, I had a terminal condition. It’s called life”. It seems silly now, but I also asked why anyone needed such a big home, of all of the questions, right?!? He responded, His Fortress of Solitude. We live two completely different experiences. Much like me, alone but never lonely. Our minds are always busy.

On this visit I could see all of Prince head to toe, not portrait style like before, he was more on the opaque side. I wondered if transitioning was taking a toll.

Later in the day I went back into my office to meditate, to center and clear my mind. During meditation my third eye began to pulse. I could see the eye swirling in shades of purple as it grew larger and larger until it took up most of my forehead. Then the center opened where the pupil would be, and Prince appeared. He said, “gotta keep moving ,gotta keep moving, keep moving, keep moving” then he reached out with his left hand, index finger extended, touched my forehead and said, “move, all things”. lol Uumm No, I’ll not be giving up my injectables! Then he said, “Write”. So here I am doing what I’ve not done in years. Writing. Meditation ended shortly thereafter. I opened my eyes to see Prince staring back at me from my phone screen. Reality Check!! It took a second or two to process, this was the closest to straddling two worlds as I have ever been.

I can’t help but feel there might be multiple meanings here. I wondered if he had been writing in the end and was willing himself to keep moving. But I also hear this as message to all us to keep moving forward, keep progressing and expanding our ourselves, our awareness. He asks that we stop hiding our expression/emotions behind a mask (the internet, botox lol, or whatever your personal mask may be).

Down the rabbit hole again…

Day Three

One more night of sleeping like the dead. uuugh it doesn’t make for an easy morning. I feel the sadness today. The grief of the world. I woke with the 1984 hit, When Doves Cry playing in my head. It was to be the sound track for the day. It was also the first Prince song I heard on the radio. Synchronicity! Prince is still with me. Three days past the full moon of his passing, I know I won’t have him for much longer. He came to me a on the drive into the office. His image looked like it was made up of mist. All I saw was his face, it was large and faint. I am thinking of a message for my best friend who loved him so. He said, “What is her strength?” I didn’t respond. Who am I to say what the strengths of another are? What if my opinion differs from hers? It doesn’t matter, he goes on as if the question was rhetorical. “Tell her to be her best self. If her gift is to be a good friend to others, tell her to be the very best friend she can be.”

Prince gives the feeling that that goes for all of us. We should all look to the example set, and strive to be the best we can be.

Day Four

Synchronicities continue. I have to say, I’m glad he’s still with me. The best time to connect with those on the other side is three day on either side of the full moon. This time is known as, The Thinning of the Veil.

I was dreaming about pearls, odd, maybe not. Mine have been on my night stand for more than 6 months. That reminds me that I should either put them on, or put them away. The song playing in my mind as I opened my eyes was again, not one of my favorites, Diamonds and Pearls. Why oh why can’t my life’s sound track be songs that I loved? lol I make a mental note to look up the lyrics. I’m sure Prince has a reason that will play out as the day goes on. I ready myself for my morning workout. “Gotta keep moving, right?” I ask specifically today, Please don’t make me throw-up. lol. Then set up my music. My first exercises are timing exercises, 10 mins of this, 15 mins of that. When I look at the time, the clock says 3:05. That’s the time it would have been in Prince’s time zone (Central Time). I’m West Coast. It’s not 3:05 here, it’s 1:05! Thank you Prince. Further, the time seem to be skipping ahead by 2’s. The clock I’m looking at it on my phone. This shouldn’t be happening. I’ve been feeling that his medical issue was electrical, could this be his way of verification? Interesting. Anyway I’m not going to fix it today, I remained on Prince Time until well after midnight.

Later I see him sitting casually on his thrown. His back in he left corner one arm resting on the chair back. He straightens himself leaning forward , elbows on his thighs and hands clasped in front. He gives me a wink and a smile and says, “You really get me”. I grin and give him a whatzup nod and quip, “Yeah, Some of my best friends are dead people”. lol forever the smart ass (facepalm) I need to work on that, well probably not.

Later that evening I was indulging in my FB fix when I saw a post of my besties, it was one of those silly FB games. This one was called, Which Prince Song Was Written For You? Can you guess what it was? Diamonds and Pearls! We are still in sync.


Before bed I wander back into my office to look through a new deck that arrived a couple of days before, and found that there were now three stones on the Queen of Cups (rx) which I have yet to clear from my desk. Rose Quartz (Love) Petrosite (Psychic Awakening) and a Tibetan Double Terminated wand (Amplifier). I hope this is his new number!! lol I’ll have him on speed dial next time the moon is full!


What I get from all of this is, near the end Prince felt totally wrung out, depleted, there was a mental/spiritual disconnect between mind and body. Despite this he kept willing himself forward. Did he have something he wanted to complete? If so it’s yet to be discovered/disclosed. His message is that though we live in troubled times, we must strive for excellence in all things. I believe that he was showing that one of the biggest culprits in the decline of humanity is what he referred to as ‘the masks’ that we hide behind. We need to remove the masks, come out of the darkness, and really see each other as human beings, as people of love and light.

** Now to Address the How and Why

Why me, it’s fairly simple, I was able to receive this message because I was listening, I’m completely open to communication, intrigued actually. Physical death in my view is more of a continuation than an ending. Why Now? Because this is the time he chose. He didn’t say wait a six months or a year, his message is for Today. The Here and Now. Do I think that I’m the only one that’s been contacted, No! Not by any means. It’s my sincerest hope that in coming days there will be many others will be coming forward with stories of their own.

In Love and Light,
Starri xx

**Please feel free to share, but in doing keep the content in tact, images included. Thank you. <33

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