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Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy IMG_20150114_013248_031-1

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0 ~ The Fool
The Fool follows a magical path, and though she travels perilously close to the edge she is never in any real danger. Someone’s always got her back.

1. What does success mean to me(querent)?
Ace of Cups
Success is the suit of Cups is measured in emotion. This Ace’s cup runneth over, not in a monetary sense, but from fullness of heart. This is someone who finds the greatest success, their most notable accomplishment, is nurturing strong, loving relationships.

2. What goal should I(querent) focus on?
Eight of Coins
This card shows a fox, an alchemist creating gold coins in his pot, and hanging them like ornaments from the trees. He’s building on what he’s already learned, perfecting his skills. He’s a wise one this fox. He knows that his dedication and enthusiasm will soon get him noticed.

3. What risk must I(querent) take?
Six of Wands
Six is such a happy number, content with where she is, while he suit of Wands is about creating magic. This young magician must dazzle while out on a limb. She must stretch herself, go outside of her comfort zone if she wishes to fulfill her dreams.

4. What must I(querent) let go of?
The Sun(Rx)
The Sun in it’s upright position is bright, happy and confident. This card shows a seahorse, and it’s rider out on a sunny day, but in reverse our rider is in danger of falling into the sun. This indicates burnout, someone who put’s others needs before their own. It can also indicate self doubt. Someone who shy’s away from the spotlight, afraid of letting their true nature show. Someone who’s uncomfortable with compliments.

5. What must I bring into my(querents) life?
The Queen of Wands
Queens nurture the spirit. They remain committed through challenges, and are committed to detail, but most of all they bring balance to all that they do.

6. What steps must be taken right now?
Two of Cups
Here we have two owls holding a common thread in their beaks. Their communication flows from the thread overfilling the cups beneath them. This is one of the greatest love cards in tarot. It speaks of a joining or melding of two, and of communication with clarity and truth.

This is a perfect example of tarot working perfectly. 😉
Joie de Vivre which translates Exuberant Enjoyment of Life, and The Manifest Success spread compliment each other beautifully.

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