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Prince – A love Story
Tarot Erotica by Lori Walls
3 Card Spread plus Jumper and Quintessential



xxxxx  JxQ

The Jumper and The Quintessential Cards


IV The Emperor – Prince
Strong, Intelligent, and Gorgeous. People forgive him much because of his incredible good looks and karizma. He’s a natural leader. He governs relationships and keeps a watchful eye on finances.

VI The Lovers – Romance, when two become one. They have no use for the rest of the world, except as witnesses.

1. VIII of Swords


He loved travel and derived great enjoyment out of playing games and tricks. The Thief, thief of what though? Hearts??

2. XVI The Tower


He feels like a victim. He was beaten by the game, now he feels scorned and ridiculed by those who once loved him. They both, The Emperor and the 1 of Cups are feeling the heat.
Hard times!
He say, If the truth hurts, or if you can’t handle this truth, feel free to take a flying leap.

3. 1 of Cups


A woman unskilled in this kind of love yet he finds her most desirable. He wants to instruct her as he sees in her great potential.

Prince (The Emperor) is still full of himself despite the events of the resent past. He was more than a little shaken (The Tower) and is acknowledging that she (1oC) has been hurt too. He says this will not always be easy. (The Chariot) He knows that she’s  lost a lot over this. (The Tower) That people have “jumped ship”. He knows what’s being said and by whom, but he will not be detoured.

His advice, “Don’t hate the messenger … ”

He speaks of the woman again, he likes her, has romantic feelings toward her. He likes playing tricks on her, moving things.(VIIoS) He steals her stuff and her heart perhaps?
He says she’s a mover and a shaker (VIII The Chariot) and that’s not exclusive to the dance floor (The Lovers). He speaks of a deeper kind of love, the kind of love that’s eternal.(1oC) The kind of relationship in which they never stop learn about each other. The Emperor in him is protective of her. He watches over her, protects her, not just physically, he watches over her finances as well.

Crystal ball


In the center upper third I see, The All Seeing Eye. The pyramid with the eye in the center surrounded by a spray of light that can be found on US currency.
The 3 sides of the triangle represent the spirit realm, the physical realm and the connection between the two, the human with the divine .
The eye of the divine watches over all of mankind, or in this case the spirit half(The Emperor) of the lovers watches over the human half (1 of Cups).
The rays of light represents the spiritual awakening or connection with the universal consciousness.

Looks like these two will be connected for a very long time. 

Conversations With Prince From Beyond The Veil 

#Prince (continued) 

#Prince – The “Let’s Make A Deal” Moment 

07.07.16 (1+6=7) Reoccurring 7’s 

Prince: Random Encounters Dreams ect… 




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The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud


1. The Issue
#37 Tobaira of the Waters

2. The Background (How you arrived at this point in your life.)
#46 The Friends

3. Advise (Wisdom from your higher self)
#44 Lys of the Shadows (Rx)

4. Short term Results (next 30 days)
#20 The Dark Lady (Rx)

5. Future (things that take process more slowly, up to 6 months)
#11 The Singer of Transfiguration

6. The Heart (Significator- the card that represents you)
#17 Himself
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The Manifest Success Spread



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Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy IMG_20150114_013248_031-1

xxxxxxx Q

0 ~ The Fool
The Fool follows a magical path, and though she travels perilously close to the edge she is never in any real danger. Someone’s always got her back.

1. What does success mean to me(querent)?
Ace of Cups
Success is the suit of Cups is measured in emotion. This Ace’s cup runneth over, not in a monetary sense, but from fullness of heart. This is someone who finds the greatest success, their most notable accomplishment, is nurturing strong, loving relationships.

2. What goal should I(querent) focus on?
Eight of Coins
This card shows a fox, an alchemist creating gold coins in his pot, and hanging them like ornaments from the trees. He’s building on what he’s already learned, perfecting his skills. He’s a wise one this fox. He knows that his dedication and enthusiasm will soon get him noticed.

3. What risk must I(querent) take?
Six of Wands
Six is such a happy number, content with where she is, while he suit of Wands is about creating magic. This young magician must dazzle while out on a limb. She must stretch herself, go outside of her comfort zone if she wishes to fulfill her dreams.

4. What must I(querent) let go of?
The Sun(Rx)
The Sun in it’s upright position is bright, happy and confident. This card shows a seahorse, and it’s rider out on a sunny day, but in reverse our rider is in danger of falling into the sun. This indicates burnout, someone who put’s others needs before their own. It can also indicate self doubt. Someone who shy’s away from the spotlight, afraid of letting their true nature show. Someone who’s uncomfortable with compliments.

5. What must I bring into my(querents) life?
The Queen of Wands
Queens nurture the spirit. They remain committed through challenges, and are committed to detail, but most of all they bring balance to all that they do.

6. What steps must be taken right now?
Two of Cups
Here we have two owls holding a common thread in their beaks. Their communication flows from the thread overfilling the cups beneath them. This is one of the greatest love cards in tarot. It speaks of a joining or melding of two, and of communication with clarity and truth.

This is a perfect example of tarot working perfectly. 😉
Joie de Vivre which translates Exuberant Enjoyment of Life, and The Manifest Success spread compliment each other beautifully.

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The Year Evaluation Tree Spread



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*Spread courtesy of arcanemysteries.tumblr


Revelation Tarot (Majors Only)

1. What Blessings Do The Holidays Hold For Me/You?
The Chariot

2. What has Thrived This Past Year?
The Hanged Man

3. What What Needs To Be Pruned?
The Star

4. What Obstacles Have I/You Faced?
The Devil

5. How Did I/You Overcome These Obstacles?
The High Priestess

6. What Goals Must I/You Put In Place For Myself/Yourself?
The Magician

7. How Can I/You Nurture My/Your Goals?
The Hierophant

8. What Must I/You Focus On To Aid In Growth?
The Wheel of Fortune

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Simple Cross Tarot Spread



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Raven’s Fool by Vicky De Fancesco


1. Obstacles
II of Cups

2. The Change
VI of Swords

3. My Question
VIII of Coins

4. The Answer
VII of Coins

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Tarot Waiting To Happen



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IMG_20141218_014236_597Dark Crystal Illuminated by Carol Herzer
—–> Q

The Chariot

1. Approach
King of Cups

2. Positive Qualities
Knight of Wands

3. Aspirations

4. Effort
King of Discs

5. Outcome

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There’s Plenty Of Tarot Going On Here! Come See!



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There’s Tarot and More going on at Ello….                                                                Here’s some of what you might see.   Come Check Me Out!

Screenshot_2014-10-21-21-08-04-1         IMG_20141021_031426_580The Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knight


Haunted Lenormand  by Chronata


xxdxaxx                                                                                                                                         3xxQxx4


Quintessence – Purpose

1. You Love It  

      a) Mission

2. You Are Paid For It

      c) Profession

3. You are Great At It

      d) Passion

4. The World Needs It

       b) Vocation

This was a fun experiment, playing around with an image, Tarot, and Lenormand cards with an interesting result. As you can see I’ve used two of my more holiday themed decks to get into the Halloween spirit, Tarot of the Dead and Haunted Lenormand. It’s a great time of year to be a tarot reader.

The cards were drawn and placed in a common overlapping method. Tarot first with Lenormand on top to simulate the large circles and the overlapping spaces in the top image. In this case the Lenormands card would be used to clarify the tarot card associated the subject matter in the larger circles.

The above combination is what worked for me, but there are any number of combinations you might try. Please give it a go. I would love to hear how it works for you.
*Uppermost image courtesy of the kids at Tumblr.

Happy 60th Birthday Prince 06.07.2018


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Happy 60th Birthday Prince

Tarot of the Absurd


xxxxxx SxQ

Shadow & Quintessential Card

Shadow Card

The Tower

The Tower speaks of turbulent times and a need for a cleansing or correction. It’s time to build a new foundation.

Quintessential Card

The Empress

The Empress is a nurturer.

The Reading

1. 8 of Cups

I hear, “Leaving Bear-assed with nothing but a cup of dreams to follow.”

This card is about reaching for a dream or ideal, creating something better.

2. 4 of Coins

With the 4 of Coins I hear the O Jay’s singing Money money money money, Money! *dances*

The O’Jays – For the Love of Money

This card is about possessiveness, jealousy, lack of trust and the inability to share.

3. 2 of Sticks

I hear, “Tangled

This 2 speaks of exciting times and invigorating energy.


With all messages from Prince there is an undercurrent of love.

He begins with something like…

“boys and girls, brothers and sisters, look what we’ve become.”

The Lovers are tangled up in the love of money. It is that misplaced love that has shaken our foundation to the core. It has destroyed our homes and our relationships. It caused jealousy and distrust among neighbors. It’s caused us to abandon our roots.

We need to nurture the energy of transformation. We need to rediscover our personal values, and the value of our relationships, not only with our neighbors but with the earth that sustains us. We need to disentangle ourselves from the superficial aspects of life and get back in tune with the vibration of love.

Crystal Ball

Prince is showing us to not be weighed down by conformity. Those in leadership rolls don’t always have our best interests at heart. We need to see with our hearts and eyes open and live our authentic truth. No compromise, and no regrets.

I hear,

“Injecting life back into the earth.”

Here Prince shows that our earth is sick. We are stewards of our world. We need to be responsible. We need to nurture and protect. It is our responsibility to return it to its original rich fertile state. It’s what right for the earth and it’s what’s right for earth’s inhabitants.